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Rod Drainer #2

Cock Drainer #2

Czech sex star Laura Lion is another elastic chick the SCORE Team has had the admirable fortune to meet during their travels. You will watch exactly how elastic Laura’s lips, muff and anus can receive in this fudge-packing sexplosion

A porn hottie who used a bazillion glamour modeling names, Laura is also known as Laura Linn, Laura Lyon, Darksome Queen, Lena, Lenka, Lenka Lyons, Lenka Moskwitsch and Yvette Boutillon. We wouldn’t wanna be Laura’s banging mailman. On the other hand, after watching her engulf ramrod and eat cum, we’d adore to hand deliver her mail to her abode.

This bouncing Czech became a well-known name in Europe beginning in 2002. Her specialty: weapons of booty distraction. Laura’s known for her wild anal action. After getting her butt banged in this scene from SCORE Weenie Drainers, she’ll gulp most of his cum, allowing the rest to leak onto her love melons.

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Milk-Filled Love muffins

Milk-Filled Tits

“I’m a bit of an exhibitionist,” says Bebe Cooper, former lingerie store clerk. A former underware store clerk? Fantasies can come true. “But I usually don’t express it.” However, in the rare appearances that Bebe makes at SCORELAND, that babe does express it very, very well! We welcome her back with one more milk-engorged breast and nipple unveil. Lactation and masturbation, an event many have patiently waited for until Bebe returned.

“I love the attention I acquire. Getting hit on always makes a beauty feel valuable. I like wearing thin shirts to show off. My beloved shirt is so thin and constricted it is practically see-through. I always wear a bra, When I receive home, the bra comes off.”

What does Bebe like in daybed? “Having my clit played with slow and steady. I adore doggie position and, when I’m feeling masterful, reverse cowgirl. I adore lips and hands all over my body. Definitely do not miss my neck.”

Bebe’s kinkiest sex experience? “I one time got a tattoo artist to lock up his shop and we had sex in his tattoo chair. It had handy foot rests and different poses and everything.”

Any sex in public? “I have a recurring fantasy that I’m in a live sex display that always acquires me super-wet but I am not sure I’m brave enough to risk public sex!”

Thank’s, Bebe!

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Posing Makes Me Feel Worthy

Posing Makes Me Feel Good

“I have not ever had sex with some other cutie,” says Sara. “Is that smth I should do? I would like to read some opinions about this. Or maybe me, some other hotty and a charmer? I have not ever had a 3some but I would consider it.”

Sara’s 1st magazine photo appears in XLGirls SP#269 September 2014. It’s likewise the mag launch of Maggie and the Ukraine’s Antica. “This is what I’d wear outside on a precious, warm day. When I first began glamour modeling, I didn’t know I would enjoy it so much and how much I would relish the sex. Now I look forward to each pictorial and I relish the people who make me look so stylish. They are very expert and creative. It’s a very fine place to be for me. I would love to read more precious compliments and suggestions. I relish reading what the bucks and honeys write about me and I like to check out the glamour models. They are so stylish.”

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Get Hawt

Get Hot

“I always wanted sex with my teacher of mathematics,” says the bubbly, giggly Lola Hawt as this babe bounces on the ottoman in her undergarment and briefs. Lola is a Czech high-school student who glamour models on the weekends. This is the 1st time she is posed naked, widening and finger-fucking her taut little aperture. Lola doesn’t speak any English, so a translator helped out. That babe is a quick study. “I play with myself at home, but I feel sexier doing this. I liked looking at the clip and pix of myself afterwards and it got me horny one time more.”

Lola’s hobbies are riding horses, stripping and taking care of her dog, a Chihuahua. “My tits get much attention. I am solely 154 centimeters (5’1″) so my mammaries look even bigger. When the weather is precious, I adore to wear tight tank tops, high heels and shorts. Majority of my teachers don’t love this so I wear more raiment in class. But there’s one teacher I guess craves to have sex with me, but this chap won’t cuz he’s afraid of losing his job. He looks at my bosoms and my legs a lot. I will take up with the tongue my lips when I catch his eyes just to tease him. I think this chab goes home and plays with himself thinking about me. When my pictures are published in Voluptuous magazine, I think I will send him a copy without telling him it’s from me.”

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Samantha38G’s first appearance in V-mag was the Holiday 2001 issue. Since then Samantha’s been in 25 TSG magazines and nine DVDs including two feature films based around Samantha, My Bigger in size than standard Corpulent Wedding and K-JUGS.

“I always knew I could be a star, that I had that thing, you know,” Samantha told one of our editors in 2007. “When you receive into glamour modeling, you are open about your sexuality and you’re open with yourself, and that is the great part about it. But u know how judgmental tons of the world can be and how lads adore to separate girls into 2 distinct areas: your Gingers or your Mary Anns, the gals you want to copulate and the girls u desire to marry. I’m a Mary Ann at heart, but I’m usually perceived as a Ginger ‘coz my sexuality is all almost all people know about me.”

This Jackumentary includes numerous hardcore highlights, early solos, behind-the-scenes footage and an appearance on a holiday edition of SCOREtv.
Everyone should be confident in their own sexuality,” advises Samantha. “I have always been confident.”

Watch More of Samantha at XLGIRLS.COM!

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“Cream Me,” says Amber Lynn Bach

Admirable to have her Bach. Amber Lynn Bach to be precise. Bach is back to make more handsome music with her exceedingly skilled golden face hole, greater than average scones, hot arse and constricted cum-hole, so squeezably accommodating to unbending ramrod.

Amber Lynn says this babe began stripping in 2002. That babe likes plan to biker events, and the males there go ape every time they watch her sexy body in her dunky outfits and bang-me face, and they shoot tons of fotos of her. She realized early that that babe has the goods that chaps wanna watch and could go beyond the usual routine of day-to-day life. That babe could unhook her libido. So by 2003, Amber was baring all. Now she’s in “Cream Me.” This babe urges to be checked out and drooled over. This babe dresses in skin-tight jeans, a constricted reservoir top and fuck-me slippers. The hawt Florida sweet heart look. Amber’s big marangos look mouthwatering bulging against her tank. That babe tanalizes Al’s wood. He’s concerned but Amber says not yet. That babe is going to build up the anticipation.

Amber receives off on telling him what that babe is plan to do to his cock. Amber also uses the word “cunt” herself, a word that majority chicks do not use. This babe acquires extra points for that. At final, Amber pulls down her reservoir and the 2 every take a teat to suck on. This is very sexy. They strip for action. Amber acquires aid sliding without her jeans. Exposed, that babe slides back into her heels. Sweethearts who put their heels back on afresh when they copulate are chicks who are into sport-fucking and being bimbolicious. Now that Amber is willing to acquire the goods, Al dives face-first into her candy-box. Amber digs that. The slender ‘n stacked homemaker is ready to have her throat, snatch and love melons rogered precious by a petticoat chaser this babe just met Thirty minutes earlier. How great is that? There is a large, unexpected surprise as they approach the finish line. Amber just has that effect on the male of the species. Thank you, Amber Lynn Bach for the dick-bending session and for having our Bach!

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Recent Discovery

New Discovery

Breath taking new discovery Ann Calis can’t live without to swim, practice yoga and play volley ball. This babe says her pointer sisters developed juvenile and many of her allies always talk about her perfectly shaped larger than run of the mill bra buddies. When other angels in school were as flat as ironing boards, Ann was packing C-cups and growing.

Ann loves to masturbate in the shower with her hands, toys and the showerhead. For a 1st timer, she had no shyness whatever about shedding her clothes and doing herself up whilst the digi camera rolled. Ann was referred to TSG by a ally. When her test shots arrived, we knew just now that we had a winner.

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Bloomin’ Onion Wazoo

Bloomin' Onion Booty

We count our blessings when we identify a fascinating heart like Cherry Blossoms. That babe is got class, swag and a bangin’ booty. However, bangin’ may be an understatement when it comes to Cherry. A bad floozy this thick requires you to be a bit more descriptive. This babe is got what we call a “Bloomin’ Onion Booty” with a side of jelly. That babe has that perfect, round, bulky arse that we like. But her wazoo likewise has that bounce to it. It is built for all-nighters and numerous other tricks.

“I can make it clap,” Cherry said. “When I bring a stud home, they can not receive sufficient of it. I’ll make it clap and throw it back on my guy when that buck is fucking me doggystyle. They usually bust a nut right after.”

The thought alone has us willing to bust a nut. But if you can hold out lengthy sufficient, you’ll get to see some other one of Cherry’s tricks.

“I can squirt,” Cherry told. “Most males aren’t used to it and it surprises them. It’s not facile to receive me there, though. You’ve gotta shag me unbending. Fuck me right.”

You’ve got a Bloomin’ Onion with a side of jelly, Cherry. We’re up for the defiance.

Watch More of Cherry Blossoms at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!

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Boobies & Tugs

Tits & Tugs

Alana Lace is sexually driven and sexually assertive with one as well as the other lads and girls, and she’s very effortless on the eyes. We’ve seen her highly shapely and stacked rack and her feverishly sexual personality in her first masturbation and tit-play vids. We have heard her jack and bawdy talk. Watching Alana’s large marangos wobble when this babe is on her back is exceedingly addictive. That wobbling continues in this P.O.V. Tits & Tugs scene, one of the almost any worthy in the series to date. Now that babe gets to play with hard pole and her eyes light up from the start.

1st, a boob reveal with bouncing and shaking. Alana wears a constricted and shredded pink top and small knickers. JMac gives her instructions on what to do with her body and she is nutty to obey him. Hands rub and squeeze Alana’s astronomical gals. That drives her insane. This chab oils his hands and rubs, squeezes and slaps her pantoons together, making them nice and lustrous.

Alana tosses her top on the sofa and turns around per his instructions, sticking her arse out. That dude spanks her a-hole cheeks, smth she can’t live out of boyz to do to her. He pulls her panties aside and thumbs her wet crack then pulls off her skimpy bottoms. Alana gets on her back and spreads her legs open. That babe rubs her lips and clit and he joins in.

Alana acquires up and kneels before JMac. This babe takes his shaft in her oily hands and jerks and tit-fucks it… all the while talking about how much this babe likes doing this to a charmer. Alana can’t live with out all kinds of sex and she digs it rough. She can’t live out of to play nasty angel. That babe enjoys it when JMac treats her meatballs roughly and fucks her cleavage forcefully. Alana loves to jerk-job and tit-bang the man-sauce out! Her boobies look absolutely mountainous when that babe is on her back getting a load of cum dumped on them, the cum this babe has begged for.

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